Service Overview

Digital Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet – The Next Evolution

Prairie iNet uses digital fixed wireless technology to deliver fast, reliable broadband Internet. Digital fixed wireless is a technology that is similar to other highly-reliable mobile wireless networks. The Network (what we call our digital fixed wireless infrastructure) also  uses high strategically located capacity digital towers to deliver The Network to you. The technology is called digital fixed wireless because both the tower and the receiving broadband connector at your location are both mounted on fixed locations rather than one end being mobile.  Prairie iNet does not use satellite transmission, because the signal has to travel too far, which reduces responsiveness and speed.  On The Network connections travel just a few miles before going the Internet Cloud.  With line-of-site, we are able to provide a better connection choice for Broadband Internet and ActivePhone™ service than the wired cable and telephone companies or the satellite providers. Our great speeds and proven reliability meet or exceed these other options. – Visit our Next Evolution Network page to read more about The Network.

A typical installation uses a Broadband Connector that is about 24″ in diameter. The Broadband Connector is typically mounted on roof or exterior of your location. A Fast Ethernet cable is connected to an interior wall plate.  The customer is then able to plug in a router, computer or other Internet device to complete the connection to The Network.

Prairie iNet Installation Technicians are professional and equipped with the tools to tackle just about any situation. We always respect your schedule and your home.  Consult with your technician to understand the full requirements of your particular installation.